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" Your child deserves the right to proper education and upbringing in Islam"
​0-2 1/2 Years Old 


For children 0- 2 1/2 years old we provide the following services:

- Free Pampers and Wipes 

-Motor Skills

- Activities that explore senses

- Activities that explore and stimulate motor development 

-Ability to make decisions

-Social skill development

- Sand and Water Play ( Ages 2 1/2)



2 1/2- 5 Years (Kindergarden)


For children 2 1'2- 5 years of age we provide the following services:​

- Core structure is a comprehenisve curriculum that focuses on social emotional, menta, and l academic program to help children advance at an age appropiate speed and level

-Science Hands on activities (such as water, sand play, etc.)

-Alphabet Comprehension

-Recognizing Patterns, shapes, and colors


-Islamic Studies

-Quranic Memorization


-Alif, Baa, Taa

-Writing Skills

-Math (1,2,3's)

-Problem Solving

-Health Awareness

-Computer Skills (3-4 ages)

K-6th Grade

For Children in K-3rd grade we provide the following services:

-Certified teacher with the Agora cyber school 

- Tutoring/one on one help

-Comprehensive learning curriculum



-Language Arts



- Arabic

-Alif, Baa, Taa

-Quranic Memorization

-Islamic Studies 

-Microsoft Works

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