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Our Staff

The Believing Children Academy is a licensed and certified business. Here at the academy our staff are licensed and certified in CPR, Keystone Stars and programs such as headstart, and child development to strengthen family structure for our children. 

By the grace of Allah I started TBC 9 years ago. Prior to forming my own facility, I was a Kindergarden teacher at  Masjid Nabawiyyah in Germantown for 2 years. During the transition from Germantown Masjid to starting my own business I attended classes in child development, behavioral health, and early chldhood development. As of today I am certified in CPR, fire and safety training, Serv Safe, Food and Health, Keystone stars, child abuse, personal development, professional development for mixed age children,  and a host of other trainings and certifications in child care.  Alhamdulillah I have been servicing our community for over 9 years and very familiar with the children and parents, which makes our facility a warm place. 

Latifah Shields (Founder of TBC learning Academy & The Believing Children Academy)

I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University. I have a degree in Psychological and Social Sciences with a Minor in Human Development and Family Services, and a certification in Youth and Family Services. Since graduating, I have continued taking further classes with Penn state and Keystone Stars to continue to gain knowledge on the differences between every child and how to help them to develop. I am CPR certified. 


I entered this field while still in high school because of a passion to help kids. 7 years later and I still have that same passion and thats why I am still in this field and why I still take classes to make myself as best equipped as possible to work with kids.  

Muhsana Jackson

 A Host of other Profesional 

Staff Members

Come and meet the Staff:

Infant and Young Toddlers Teachers

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

First - Fifth Grade Teachers

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