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Our Mission

To meet the needs of parents and their children by offering Islamic-based child care programs, that are safe and affordable. We provide opportunities for children to develop social skills in a setting, characterized by warmth, respect, and positive support while adhering to the teachings of the Quran and the authentic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam). We see and value every child as an individual. Our goal is to help them grow and develop to the full extent of their abilities through the will of Allah.

Get to Know Us

History and Background:
The Believing Children Academy started in September 2005 as a home-based learning center for children in grades pre-k-3. Through the will of Allah, we became licensed providers in March 2007. Alhamdulillah, since then we have been serving our community for 16 years as a licensed child care provider specialist, and an educational specialist facility that is the first and only co-op with Agora cyber program offered in the southwest Philadelphia area. In our facility we not only tend to school-based curriculums, but we also strongly focus on Islamic studies through the teachings of the Quran and Authenic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam).

A Sight to See

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